Missaukee Conservation Club

Club/Membership Information

Club Address:  1431 N. Morey Rd  Lake City, MI 49651

Club Phone: (231) 839-5100

Club Email: missaukeecc@gmail.com

 Membership now available by mail, online, and at local businesses such as Carl's Gun Shop,Miller's Corner and Kit's Barber shop


Board Member Information


President                                Nate Hendrix                             (231)839-7841
Vice-President                          Joe   Hale                                 (231)-839-2291                         Secretary                                Dale Rainier                               (231)920-1876

Treasurer                                Jerry Reeves                              (231)839-3437

Board of Directors

Grounds                                  Tony Baldwin                              (231)839-6278
CCW                                        Dan Gallop                                 (231)839-4423
Hunter Safety                           Steve Shafer                              (231)839-7452
Building/Rentals                        Daniel Barber                             (231)942-9621
 Shotgun sports                         Terry Dykman                             (231)-839-5019                                                Don Nemecek                             (231)839-4685
                                                Phil Foster                                 (231-839-4133                                                                                 Jim Moulder